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"A strange kind of fire burns within me when I sculpt. It begins in my chest, and spreads like a rampant flame throughout me. It finds my fingertips within seconds. My hands ignite, as the vision of what will soon be similarly ignites within me.  Slowly.  I am meticulous.  I follow this fire to its ‘second skin’ in the clay.

A glass of red wine, and a candle’s burning flame … This is where I find ‘my edge’ in each work of art; the signature that encapsulates my purpose, and the fragmented way in which I see.

 My wish is simply to call the listener to feel; to catch a glimpse of the raw emotion it takes to partake in this journey to the edges of what is seen as safe, or known, or real.  I sculpt so that I might illuminate exactly this: the courage it takes to locate our own compassion and irrevocably connect.

As a sculptor, I make bronze tender.  And in return, it strengthens and 

      solidifies me.”  



           Figurative Sculpture and Museum Works of Art  by Laguna Beach 

                            Bronze Sculptor & Contemporary Artist Kira

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